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New to CRM? Get started with Wxora CRM.

This is your first CRM and it is important to choose it well! You need a CRM that will evolve with your business.

A CRM that is too small will slow down the growth of your start-up, a CRM that is too complex will slow down your sales force…

With the Starter edition, you are making the right choice for today and tomorrow!

Wxora CRM starters

A ready-to-use solution

The rate of evolution of a start-up is extremely fast.

You don’t have time to start writing specifications, you need a CRM for yesterday.

Wxora CRM Starter is our 1st edition available through a simple payment on our website.

So don’t wait any longer!

Wxora CRM starters

Business information shared within your start-up

Using a CRM in a start-up has many advantages, and for everyone!

Your prospects are better followed, your customers better served, your employees not lost and your investors reassured.

It gives you the relevant data on your projected turnover and you make the right decisions right from the start.

Management of your contacts and business affairs

You are a start-up and you want to take your business to the next level?

Share knowledge between your sales representatives, ensure a better follow-up of your sales opportunities to increase your turnover…

The Starter edition is there for you!

Highly Customised Membership Programs

Every Business Is Unique, and so should Your Loyalty Program. Easily customize your loyalty programs according to your business requirements and target customers.


Build a community of advocates with cash upfront.



Putting a dollar value to incentive your customers.



Reward your customers when they refer their friends & family.


Prepaid Items

Give customers value bundles that they will absolutely love & can track.


Loyalty Points

Convert spending into rewards and points automatically & seamlessly



Reward your customers with stamps without adding to the clutter in their wallets


Stored Value

Offer store credit without going through all that backend fuss.



Reward your customers with cash vouchers and save on printing costs!

Trusted By Merchants

"Another great feature of Wxora is customers can be tracked, tagged, emailed, and updated in no time at all. This has streamlined my sales and lead generation by making it easy to communicate with current and potential clients as well as with my suppliers."
Aya Kamil
Business Development - Yummylooks.com
"We’re now able to keep the customer in the loop; from informing them when an order is received, to dispatch and real-time updates on expected delivery times. It’s a vast improvement that’s helped to build further trust with our customers."
Alex Mire
Head of Ecommerce - Mevolv
"Wxora has given us great insight into our customer base; we can track returning customers and see what they are spending. Being very customer focused is really important to us – we love being able to look after our customers so well."
Emilia Clarke
Owner - Cupcakes Feast

Why Wxora


Customized For Startups

For us, startup requirements are our daily bread & butter. Thus, we are familiar & understand all the startup needs. This means you won’t pay for any unnecessary features or costly customizations.


Software with service

Our support are with you every step of the way, from project scoping all the way to execution - providing 24/7 tech support and continuous business counselling.


Agility at scale

Whether your business is preparing for the holiday rush or responding to sudden market changes or even changing your business directions, Wxora got you covered! With our agile operations that could help your business scale via platform you can build your business on.

Core features of Wxora integrated CRM

✔️ Complete timeline of your contacts’ activity

See a complete history of your customers’ interactions with you and your business in a filterable timeline. Perfect for customer service agents to quickly get to the root of any query.

✔️ Manage customer credit

With accounting and order management handled in Wxora, see what’s outstanding with a customer before processing any more sales. Keep finances in check with credit limit controls and debtor and creditor reports.

✔️ Segment customers

Use customizable tags to segment your contacts based on their buying behavior or any other characteristics for improved target marketing.


✔️ 360° customer view

Customers and prospects contact the company via various channels, and talk to different people.

With a 360° customer view, all this information is centralised in one place, so everyone can have a comprehensive and unified view of the Customer Relationship.

All employees will be able to access the information about the contact, to see how many open requests and complaints are this person has submitted to the Customer service, to monitor ongoing business opportunities and marketing campaigns in which the customer has been targeted, etc.

✔️ Complete email history with customers and suppliers

With Wxora’s MailStore, you get access to a full record of emails you’ve sent and received outside of Wxora, alongside order updates in individual contact timelines

✔️ Automated communication reminders

Set up rules for customer outreach and get alerted when no communications have happened during the assigned timeframe, allowing you to keep your customers or prospects engaged.

✔️ Automate customer segmentation

With Wxora’s Automation engine, automatically tag or untag your customers based on any rules that fit your customer management workflows.


& much more

We also have other solutions

Small and medium business package

SMB Package

This is highly configurable CRM that covers the needs of your business. Also is the perfect for your sales team.

$39 / user / month
(5 users minimum)

Available complements:
Marketing, invoicing, project management


Enterprise Package

You need a complete CRM (sales, marketing, customer service, timesheet) that enables you to centralize all customer knowledge.

$59 / user / month
(5 users minimum)

Available complements:
Marketing, invoicing, advanced project management

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