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Flexible purchase order and supplier management

Create and send purchase orders online with purchase order software. Keep track of orders and deliveries at every step. Fully integrated replenishment and purchasing that syncs current inventory levels and sales performance with reordering, to ensure you never miss a sale.


Integrated purchase order and supplier management

Data-driven replenishment
Know in advance which items need to be reordered and when replenishment should take place, with Wxora's low inventory report and Demand Planner.
Automate purchase order creation
Customize and automate the purchase order creation process for certain SKUs, brands, categories, or for dropshipping items only, so your team works smarter.
Never miss a purchase order
Have a centralized view of all your purchase orders with their values and statuses, allowing you to quickly take action with your suppliers without any delay.
Build relationships with your suppliers
Manage all suppliers in one system, and keep track of activities linked to each, from latest communication, to orders, due payments, and other obligations.

Trusted By Merchants

"Inventory is updated as soon as purchase orders are received, sales orders are pushed efficiently through a pick, pack, and ship process, and invoices go directly into the accounting system at the end of the day. Wxora is one central system, so detailed information can be linked between sales, products, and accounts."
Aya Kamil
Business Development - Yummylooks.com
"Wxora has been brilliant in the sense that it allows us to manage our client and supplier accounts in their local currency and gives us one simple system to track all of our financials, rather than monitoring across different spreadsheets and softwares"
Salah Mamdouh
Head of Ecommerce - Mevolv
"Thanks to the insights we get from Wxora, we could move inventory originally allocated for future wholesale orders to keep up with the online demand. We were able to adapt and quickly see what we had and where stock was needed most and make accurate buying decisions."
Elly Wayne
Owner - Jewelry Elly

Why Wxora


Customized For Retail

Wxora team understands the retail needs and specifically design and customize all your ERP requirements for retail and wholesale businesses, which means you won’t pay for any unnecessary functionality or costly customizations.


Software with service

Service is an integral part of working with Wxora. Our retail consultants get you up and running in 1/3 of the time it takes ERP, and always for a fixed cost. Our in-house team stays with you throughout – from tech support to ongoing business consulting.


Agility at scale

Black Friday, holiday season, back to school, or whenever your peak period is, Wxora is built to scale as you grow. It’s also designed for resilience; an operations platform you can build a business on.

Core features of Wxora flexible purchase order and supplier management

✔️ Low inventory reporting

Make intelligent adjustments by setting purchase quantities and inventory levels, to gain timely insights into products that are hitting their low inventory threshold.

✔️ Automate back-to-back purchase ordering

Wxora automatically places purchase orders so you don’t have to worry about missing sales opportunities.

✔️ Integrated landed-costs

When selling cross border, know the true cost of stock by tracking all landed-costs per product, without missing freight charges, import duty, insurance, tariffs, or taxes.

✔️ Automatic purchase order creation

Automatically choose from the cheapest, primary, or specified suppliers for each item when you’re out of stock in the warehouse, or for your normal business operations.

✔️ FIFO inventory costing method

With the FIFO (first-in, first-out) method, trust your inventory valuation while maintaining high asset values and profitability during periods of inflation.

✔️ Data-driven inventory planning

Get in-depth insight on products that need to be reordered and those that aren’t selling, based on historical sales performance and forecasting.


✔️ Centralized supplier management

See a complete audit log of your supplier contact records, from emails to call notes, so you can easily collaborate with purchasing and merchandising teams to know when orders and payments are due.

✔️ Supplier access portal

Set delivery dates and provide supplier access to the web portal, to eliminate manual tracking and data entry on your end.

✔️ Dynamic unit cost tracking

Track unit costs, margins, and revenue for each vendor with each one getting assigned a unique or shared price list.

✔️ Batch invoicing

Automatically process batch invoices by generating a single invoice for multiple purchase orders. Balance sheets and purchase orders will be automatically updated with suppliers’ invoice numbers.


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