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Retail inventory management software

With Wxora’s automatic multi-location inventory tracking, you can be confident you have enough inventory in the right places to meet demand. So, get yourself a RIM & cut off the redundant tasks to focus on more important aspects of the operation.


Automated retail inventory management with Wxora

Centralized view of your operations
Since everything is connected, say BYE to manual errors, sync delays & data loss and HELLO to well-managed inventory ,orders, warehouses, accounting, fulfilment, shipping, purchasing, suppliers, POS, and CRM - all under one UNIFIED system
Manage multichannel & multi-locations with ease
Inventory levels are AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED - whether you're managing several goods locations OR inventory across your different channels. You will always know what you have, how much of it is ready to sell, and where it is.
Smart inventory demand planning & business intelligence
AVOID tying up too much cash in excess inventory or running out of goods. With WXORA’s RIM, you get to put your money into the most profitable goods & replenish the correct inventory, in the right quantity, at the right time, based on historical performance. You could get insights into customers and channel performance with Wxora's sophisticated BI solution.
Automate repeatable tasks
With WXORA's automation engine, you may save time on the manual inventory control chores. You can even set up unique rules to send products to a warehouse automatically and restock goods using the low inventory report, followed by fulfilling orders to choosing the shipping carriers, and more.
Instant view of your financials
With the RIM, you could even get real-time data on sales, profitability, and your costs across all channels - all with integrated accounting and inventory.

Trusted By Merchants

"Wxora automated inventory management has ensured we have enough stock in the right locations to meet demand, whilst the reporting intelligence has proved invaluable when making purchasing decisions on different lines of stock."
Aya Kamil
Business Development - Yummylooks.com
"Stockouts and delays frustrate customers immensely and leave a bad taste in their mouth. Fortunately, that’s no longer a problem for us. We now have real-time visibility over our entire inventory, which is so beneficial for delivering seamless shopping experiences"
Salah Mamdouh
Head of Ecommerce - Mevolv
"It gave full visibility over our inventory management, while also streamlining our order processing."
Emilia Clarke
Owner - Cupcakes Feast

Why Wxora


Customized For Retail

Wxora team understands the retail needs and specifically design and customize all your ERP requirements for retail and wholesale businesses, which means you won’t pay for any unnecessary functionality or costly customizations.


Software with service

Service is an integral part of working with Wxora. Our retail consultants get you up and running in 1/3 of the time it takes ERP, and always for a fixed cost. Our in-house team stays with you throughout – from tech support to ongoing business consulting.


Agility at scale

Black Friday, holiday season, back to school, or whenever your peak period is, Wxora is built to scale as you grow. It’s also designed for resilience; an operations platform you can build a business on.

Core features of Wxora Retail Inventory Management System

✔️ Multichannel inventory management

Know exactly what inventory you have and need with real-time inventory updates across all of your ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, and physical storefronts.

✔️ Multi-location inventory control

AUTOMATIC UPDATE on all your inventory levels at ANY location – based on product sales, warehouse-to-warehouse transfers, returns, restocks, and more.

✔️ Amazon FBA inventory reconciliation

You could directly reconcile Amazon’s inventory in Wxora. You’d always get to maintain your inventory accurately – regardless of stock variations due to transfers, returns, or damages.

✔️ Flexible inventory cycle counting

With WXORA’s RIM, you could concentrate your stock-taking efforts on your best-selling and most valuable items. Count full or partial cycles based on location, product qualities, and other factors.

✔️ Product analytics

Now that you have important product KPIs at the SKU and category level, you could transform siloed product data into revenue-generating opportunities. Determine your top and bottom sellers based on channel, geography, customer segment, seasonality, and other factors!

✔️ Bundle components into products

With WXORA’s RIM, you could now broaden your product offerings! Easily organise unique product categories and handle complex combinations. The inventory of bundled products is automatically changed as they are sold.

✔️ Multiple price lists

You could also diversify your product costs using highly flexible price lists. Assign price lists to vendors for complete accounting and auditing purposes.

✔️ Barcode your inventory

Retail & wholesale are made MUCH SIMPLER! With Wxora integrated warehouse management system, all you need to do is simply scan barcodes on items and have your inventory levels automatically updated

✔️ Inventory demand planning

Plan your demand easily & make replenishment forecasting judgments based on facts! Seasonality, top and worst sellers, historical sales data, reorder points, out of stock periods, and more are all available.

✔️ Accurate accounting for inventory

Know the true value of your inventory – with FIFO (First-in, First-out) inventory valuation, automatic product cost estimates, and accurate landed-cost reporting. This all could be integrated with your existing accounting software or even with WXORA’s fully integrated retail accounting.

✔️ Integrated shipping and order fulfillment management

With our shipping integrations, you can easily manage all of your shipping carriers in one spot. Partial fulfilment, dropshipping, and managing backorders are all made simple WXORA’s flexible order fulfilment.

✔️ Bill of materials

WXORA keeps track of your raw material inventory and converts them to final goods after they’re assembled. Accounting and inventory modifications are all taken care of – automatically!


& much more

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