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Multichannel order management (MOM) software built to fulfill needs of retail & wholesale industry

Our MOM software lets you efficiently manage all your orders in one place! Whether it’s offline OR online, our MOM software gets rid of all the manual tasks i.e. ordering, fulfillment, shipping or invoicing workflows – and makes it AUTOMATED.

Have all your manual tasks streamlined, you will be doing your business a BIG favor. Enjoy high productivity & excellent client service with WXORA’s MOM software.


Not your typical order management software

Speed up order processing with automation
While you focus on the exceptional orders that require your attention, Wxora's effective automation engine AUTOMATES all your repeatable order management chores. Long order processing & delayed delivery timeframes is no longer an issue as you have a quick & smooth ordering process. Instead, you could improve your customer experience, boost ‘repeated purchase’ rates, and raise your customer lifetime value.
Sophisticated multichannel order fulfillment made simple
With WXORA’s MOM software, you can choose the best fulfillment option for each of your sales channels i.e. partial fulfillment, dropshipping, multi-location fulfillment, or even fulfillment By Amazon, for instance. Get rid of the fuss of handling a high number of orders across numerous channels with our automated fulfilment processes.
Know your sales channel performance inside and out
Get quick access to deep insights on your sales channel success with WXORA’s reporting and business intelligence. Make decisions and formulate your sales strategies FASTER & MORE ACCURATE with these data-driven decisions from your various channels.
Streamline all post-purchase operations
All your post-purchase operations i.e inventory management, inventory planning, warehouse management, accounting, purchasing, supplier management, POS, CRM, reporting, ecommerce business intelligence, and more - could be SSM (Streamlined, Smooth & Manageable). Wxora, being a fully digitalized operational platform could smoothen all your MOM procedures while also providing other essential capabilities to increase your operational efficiency.
Fast scalability & business growth
Whether you’re managing sudden order surge as your business grows, or implementing a new business model i.e. Direct to Consumer (DTC), We GOT your back! WXORA supports your growth with its pre-built, high-performing sales channel integrations. We also cater to all your important retail and wholesale-specific functions.

Trusted By Merchants

"3 years ago we were processing 900 orders a month, and post-Wxora, we’re processing approximately 15,000 orders a month."
Aya Kamil
Business Development - Yummylooks.com
"Using Wxora which is based on ERPNEXT platform saved us time on the order processing not only that, we started to introduce multiple delivery options, including late next-day delivery services, as we now know that we will be able to fulfill our service promises effectively."
Salah Mamdouh
Head of Ecommerce - Mevolv
"What I really like about Wxora is that you can scale your sales rapidly without having any hiccups in the platform, no matter how many orders you have."
Emilia Clarke
Owner - Cupcakes Feast

Why Wxora


Customized For Retail

For us, retail requirements are our daily bread & butter. Thus, we are familiar & understand all the retail needs. We would specifically design and customize all your ERP needs for your retail and wholesale businesses. This means you won’t pay for any unnecessary features or costly customizations.


Software with service

Our retail professionals are with you every step of the way, from project scoping all the way to execution - providing 24/7 tech support and continuous business counselling.


Agility at scale

Whether your business is preparing for the holiday rush or responding to sudden market changes or even changing your business directions, Wxora got you covered! With our agile operations that could help your retail business scale via platform you can build your business on.

Core features of Wxora Multichannel Order Management System

✔️ Multichannel order management

Collect, process, and manage your orders from all of your online and physical sales channels on one single platform.

✔️ Real-time multichannel inventory sync

As soon as an order is placed, inventory updates are sent to all sales channels and inventory locations, preventing overselling and inventory problems.

✔️ Multichannel Fulfillment with Amazon FBA

Enable Amazon fulfilment for orders placed through Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, or eBay. Configure your automated routine to send shipments to Amazon, making sure to send the necessary requests to avoid problems and fees..

✔️ Integrated point of sale

With our easy, yet integrated POS app, capture orders, your customer information, and their payments from your physical stores, trade exhibitions, or events. To simply manage any client enquiries, have product data and real-time inventory levels on hand. Have product details and real-time inventory levels on hand to easily handle any customer inquiries.

✔️ Reliable shipping and 3PL integrations

With strong connections with many shipping solutions like ShipStation and Shiptheory, as well as numerous third-party logistics (3PL) systems, you can manage all of your shipping carriers from one single platform!

✔️ Flexible return workflows

In one simple step, convert your sales orders to credits & create a new order for exchange or refund. Choose how & when to process the inventory, so it can be restocked, written off, or quarantined as needed.

✔️ Integrated accounting data

To receive real-time financial insights of your organisation, we are flexible to let you choose between using our fully integrated accounting system or integrating with your existing accounting software.

✔️ Robust ecommerce integrations

You may easily handle tens of thousands of orders each day, with no ‘missed’ sales – even during high-order seasons! WXORA’s MOM’s system integrates with major ecommerce platforms and marketplaces with purpose-built, high-performance ecommerce integrations

✔️ Automatic order processing

With WXORA, you don’t need a developer! Because WXORA’s configurable workflow automation will automatically allocate your inventories, route your orders to the right warehouse, and invoice sales orders

✔️ Allocate back orders

Raise purchase orders for out-of-stock items so that inventory is automatically allocated to the sale whenever it arrives.

✔️ Customizable order management workflows

You can create your own order statuses or use custom fields to categorize orders from creation to completion. When defining specific order procedures, use these statuses and fields to determine anything from inventory allocation through fulfilment, shipping, payment, and invoicing.

✔️ Customize customer terms for wholesalers

To your wholesale clients, you could apply specific price lists, discounts, payment terms, credit limit, account ownership, and more! You could create and send quotes, proformas, order confirmations, invoices, and statements – all directly from the order.

✔️ Sales analysis reporting

You can identify your most loyal consumers, your greatest spenders, your best-selling products, and top-performing sales channels – all with the use of numerous data-driven reports!


& much more

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